Riffle PoolA properly functioning stream and riparian system supplies clean water, supports a variety of aquatic and terrestrial life forms and provides an efficient, stable method of controlling flows and transporting water and sediment. Natural streams exhibit a dynamic equilibrium. While continually changing, the forces of hydrology, geology and topography create a natural stream alignment and gradient. Channelization, flow diversions and development in the watershed affect this natural balance. ERC understands the importance of regaining this balance. Stream shape, depth, width and gradient are evaluated as part of the natural channel design process and solutions are determined that reestablish stream equilibrium.

When creating improvements to fish habitat and angling opportunities, features such as flow depths, quality pools, oxygenated riffles, spawning and rearing environment, instream structure, overhead cover and a thriving riparian corridor are all critical. ERC’s designs address these limiting factors and work to optimize habitat while providing a diverse angling experience.