ERC provides a complete range of natural resource inventories for a subject project. Today, many natural resources that are not regulated under the Clean Water Act or Endangered Species Act may be regulated by local governments. Local regulations often require documentation of natural features prior to land use changes or infrastructure expansion. Through field surveys and research, ERC assists clients with pre-disturbance natural resource inventories. By identifying existing conditions during the early phases of project planning, ERC can provide clients with recommendations for avoidance and minimization of potential environmental impacts, development of conservation values and management guidelines and identify site development restrictions.

Natural Resource Inventories could include:

Tree Surveys and Appraisals
Identification of Significant Natural Vegetation Communities
Wildlife Use/Movement Corridors Studies
Buffer Zone Identification
Noxious Weed Surveys
Avian/Nesting Surveys (Migratory Bird Treaty Act)
ERC Stream Services