Stream Restoration and Trout Habitat Improvement Services

ERC provides a unique opportunity for projects with a complete turnkey design-build approach. This design-build approach allows ERC to work closely with the client through all phases of a project beginning with the preliminary planning phases, concept design, cost estimating and permitting through to project implementation. ERC has found this approach to be the most cost effective and efficient process to ensure a successful restoration project compared to traditional design-bid approaches given the dynamic nature of working in a stream system.

The creation/restoration of natural features such as streams often requires in-field modifications based on specific field conditions. The design/build approach ensures that the constructed improvements function in a manner that are complementary with the surrounding environment and provide the intended design function. The design/build approach is generally more efficient for these types of projects as it allows the designer to work directly with construction operators in the field to modify or adjust for any unforeseen conditions that may be encountered, monitor development and provide direct maintenance as required. This approach also streamlines the process for clients as ERC serves as the single point of contact throughout all phases of the project providing continuity and ensuring that the full intention and potential of the project is attained.corum bubble watch replica
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After Restoration

Before Restoration

ERC has a long-standing relationship with Tezak Heavy Equipment (Tezak) for stream work. For nearly two decades ERC/Tezak have been working together to successfully complete the full spectrum of stream restoration projects using a consistent team approach. Jointly we have completed over 50 projects. Each member of our team brings their unique expertise to the project, the history and dynamics of our tight knit group encourages everyone involved to add their input and expertise at all times from the design phase through construction completion. Because of this long-standing relationship, all members of the team take a great deal of pride and ownership in the projects we deliver. This results in projects that exceed our client’s expectations. fake replica watch replica

Design Build

Design-Build Procedure

STEP 1. Define client goals and desires
STEP 2. Initial evaluation & identification of existing conditions (in-stream conditions, specific limiting factors, regulatory issues, etc.)
STEP 3. Develop concept plan and preliminary cost estimate
STEP 4. Review plans and costs with client to develop final project criteria
STEP 5. Final analysis, engineering and ecological review
STEP 6. Prepare final design-build plans and construction cost-estimate
STEP 7. Obtain proper permits & permissions
STEP 8. Construction implementation phase
STEP 9. Monitoring and maintenance as needed