ERC was requested by Jacobs Engineering to assist with the evaluation of channel morphology and sediment transport conditions of Happy Canyon Creek in the reach located in Centennial, Colorado. Happy Canyon Creek is an ephemeral stream, with flow only occurring following precipitation events. ERC evaluated channel morphology and completed a sediment transport analysis of an approximately 4.0-mile segment of Happy Canyon Creek starting at the confluence with Cherry Creek and ending just upstream of E Lincoln Ave. ERC’s work and the on-going work led by Jacobs is being completed with the goal of understanding the hydrology, hydraulics, and channel morphology of the system to inform a future design that improves the health of the system and reduces sediment loading into Cherry Creek. ERC’s work included field reconnaissance, understanding the sediment regime of the stream, and creating a mobile bed sediment transport model that can be used as a tool to guide future design efforts. The Corps of Engineer’s 1-dimensional (1D) River Analysis System HEC-RAS (v.6.2) was used to evaluate existing conditions and complete precursory assessments of potential future scenarios.