Kittridge, CO

O’Fallon Park in Kittridge CO is a heavily used park for summer recreational activities. The local Trout Unlimited Chapter was interested in restoring aquatic habitat for a 1,600 foot section of Bear Creek as it runs through the Park. ERC completed design, permitting and construction activities for the project including creation of nine, self-scouring deep overwintering pools that were generally absent through the area. Design used faster moving water from riffles to provide the higher energy to flush sediment from the pools throughout the year. Key placement of instream boulder habitat enhanced usable cover for trout. The project included moving the stream away from State Highway 74 and creating a riparian fringe barrier between the highway and the stream to minimize sand and other sediment loading that had previously been occurring from the road. ERC led volunteer efforts that included planting riparian vegetation for bank stabilization and terrestrial habitat creation.