Steamboat Springs, CO

The City of Steamboat Springs acquired an approximately 1,400 foot stretch of the Yampa River and adjacent lands for the purpose of enhancing public access and river recreation. This stream section, however, was prone to lateral streambank migration and suffered losses of up to 25 feet of bank per year. ERC was retained by the City to restore this stretch of the Yampa to a more natural state while mitigating existing bank instability. ERC’s design reshaped the entire 1,400 section, creating two natural riffle/pool sequences as part of reestablishing a stable stream planview and profile. Imported rock was used to define the shape of the active channel and buried below the eroding bank to create a structural control to mitigate lateral migration. All imported rock was covered with native sands, gravels and cobbles to hide the structural fill material and provide the stream with a natural appearance. Native vegetation was then added to reestablish the riparian fringe and provide additional bank stability.