The San Luis Valley in southern Colorado has a long history of irrigation both via surface water and ground water wells. The Colorado Division of Water Resources has worked to develop new rules governing groundwater withdrawals in the valley including recent changes governing wells used for potato storage and humidification. ERC currently provides on-going water rights and water resources planning services for farming and potato storage operations in the San Luis valley including farms located in Subdistrict 1 and 5. These services have included evaluating potential impacts to farming operations caused by proposed subdistrict rules and fee adjustments, water supply planning and evaluation of pumping depletions, and water court support to ensure potato storage facilities can operate legally. As part of this work, ERC regularly works with multiple entities including producers, property owners, and Colorado Division of Water Resources staff to develop long term solutions that provide flexibility while still ensuring that all rules are met. ERC relies on its expertise in ground water hydrology, Geographic Information Systems, irrigation water demand analysis and water rights as part of this work.