The Reach 28 Restoration project was a grant-funded project undertaken by the Big Thompson Watershed Coalition (BTWC) to improve the natural form and function of the Big Thompson River through Reach 28 west of Loveland, CO.  During the 2013 floods, the channel in this reach suffered extensive damage including aggradation and deposition, bank erosion, and destruction of aquatic and riparian habitat.   ERC designed, permitted and constructed the project to optimize river function and habitat, increase resiliency for flood and sediment loading, and improve aquatic and riparian habitat.  Construction utilized natural, soft approaches that emphasized riverine function and aesthetics.  Project highlights include:  2,200 linear feet of channel grading to include creation of a new channel alignment with a low-flow thalweg to facilitate sediment transport and aquatic health, 6 riffle-pool-glide features to improve aquatic habitat, over 4,300 feet of bank stabilization to reduce erosion, and approx. 5 acres of plantings (native shrubs, trees and/or grasses) to stabilize  disturbed areas.

                                                                                                                                      Completed Project  November 2019