Granby, CO

The Fraser River is influenced by the significant amount of diversions for both water use in the Front Range and irrigation use in the western slope. As a result, current flows in the Fraser River have been reduced to approximately half of their historic levels. The Town of Granby wanted to enhance the health of the Fraser River through Town and make the stream a better community amenity. ERC was retained by the Town to develop and construct these river improvements. ERC’s restoration work reshaped the Fraser River along a continuous 1,700 foot section of stream. The channel was narrowed from a maximum width of 115 feet to a typical bankfull width of 45’ – 55’. The modified, narrower channel section was constructed to meander within the confines of the historic channel and specific aquatic habitat improvements including pools, riffles and instream habitat clusters were incorporated into the design and an existing fish migration barrier was modified to promote passage.