Minturn, CO

The Town of Minturn desired to restore the Eagle River through Town to mitigate past impacts to the aquatic and riparian corridor that had been caused by channel encroachment and upstream mining activities. ERC first developed a master plan for stream restoration for a 4,100 foot stretch of river through the heart of Town. Improvements include full reshaping of the stream, creation of natural riffle/pool/glide features over a mile of bank stabilization, water quality infrastructure and over two acres of wetland and riparian creation. ERC assisted the Town in securing over $1M in funding for the project and completed all improvements for this design/build project. Given the success of this Phase I project, the Town received an additional $1M in grant funding for a second phase of the work. Phase II work resulted in the creation of an additional 17 natural riffle/pool/glide complexes and additional 1.6 acres of wetland and riparian creation and multiple angling and boating access points along a one mile stretch of the Eagle River.