Ecological Resource Consultants, Inc. (ERC) provides technical support as part of the State of Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety for Construction and Material (112c) Operations Reclamation Permit Applications pursuant to Title 34 Article 32.5 of the Colorado Land Reclamanation Act.  ERC has prepared Wildlife Information per Rule 6.4.8 (Exhibit H) for compliance of Rule 3.1.8(1), Vegetation Information per Rule 6.4.10 (Exhibit J) and provides expert testimony during DRMS Board hearings.  ERC also provides Clean Water Section 404 and Endangered Species Act compliance for these projects.  ERC has provided these services for numerous operation applications across the state of Colorado including; Boulder, Weld, Summit, Gilpen, Jefferson, Grand, Mesa, Teller and Prowers Counties.